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The Lunar Evolution

The Guidebook! Available now as a 32 double-sided page digital download pdf.

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Personal Coaching

The Lunar Evolution is a total clean out of the physicality and the psyche to simply align with  the direction of your intentions like an arrow notched in a bow. It's a total uplevel without introducing any dogma. A self-guided commitment is the only kind that will work in the new paradigm.

This option of The Lunar Evolution is one lunar cycle of personal attention from me and is designed to have you become fully skilled at incorporating Ayurveda into your high-fruit, low-fat antiviral lifestyle. I work within Medical Medium compliant information (useful for both those who enjoy the information and those who experience orthorexia and are easing out of any rigidity attached to the information) to help you fully understand how to personalize what works for you to your own unique Ayurvedic type. 

We work using Ayurveda and Human Design to personalize high-fruit, low-fat antiviral lifestyle principles of gentle detox, liver care, gut healing, and immune system strengthening.

At a certain point on my own healing path, it became clear that sharing the simple tools that I use for personalizing my antiviral lifestyle using Ayurveda could be useful - specifically for those looking to make high-fruit, low-fat (Medical Medium information compliant) eating much more comfortable for themselves long term and to shake off any rigidity or dogma that may have developed.

The personalization Ayurveda offers is a key to staying healthy and balanced long-term on a high-fruit, low-fat antiviral lifestyle. It's personal to you. It's a means to getting close to your guiding voice within and helps keep you adaptable to inevitable change.

We also bring in your personal Human Design digestion information, breathwork, and groundwork to help make your digestive fire as strong as possible. Our work over the course of 28 days provides major assistance to your process of healing, strengthening both immunity and inner peace through personalized balance.

Just like having a basic understanding that you are a sovereign being, understanding that you have your own particular Human Design type and Ayurvedic type allows you to hold more space to honor your differences and to use them as reasons to come together with others, explore strengths and possibilities, and increase the power of your sense of sovereignty.

One lunar cycle devoted to this experiment will offer you a lot of information. At the end of our month together, you will find a much greater sense of comfort, fearlessness, and authority over your nourishment.

The exchange is $555 and includes complete, personalized care and the addition of PSYCH-K® - from knowledge and wisdom to recipes and meal plans, plus full access to me through text and email. Email to schedule a free connection call.